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Taxidermy Hobbyist Duck Waterfowl Taxidermy Learning Taxidermy - Waterfowl Taxidermy

Duck and goose hunters are frequently devotees of waterfowl taxidermy, and it’s no mystery why. In the hands of a skilled taxidermist, waterfowl make for beautiful, realistic subjects, and modern mannequins allow even novice hobbyists to pose their specimens in a lifelike fashion. Waterfowl, like all birds are unique from mammals in that they have […]

Taxidermy Innovator Martha Ann Maxwell History Of Taxidermy - Innovators of Modern Taxidermy

The word taxidermy is of Greek origin “taxi” and “derma”, which means arrangement of skin. Taxidermy is a common term that describes the techniques and methods to reproduce or mount three dimensional representations of dead animals for exhibition or for study purpose. It can be performed on all vertebrates including fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and […]