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Product Review: Skull Hooker Little Hooker European Mount Display Steel

Casual observers would deem all wall-mounted deer plaques just the same. But a skilled taxidermist would know the distinct character and the message it conveys merely by looking at the deer mount. When the deer hunting season begins, all hunters go and try to land a few deer. At the end of the day, they would always look forward to keeping one as a trophy.

Skull Hooker’s Little Hooker European Mount Steel Display is a popular mount among experienced taxidermists. Learn more about this product and some great tips to show off:
Skull Hooker Little Hooker European Mount Display Steel

Product Features

Sleek Design

The Little Hooker is a modern and lustrous mount that can carry small to medium-sized European trophies. It is made of strong power-coated steel in two striking colors. The first color, Robust Brown would look dashing against a brick wall while the Graphite Black would definitely shine and draw attention even on plain-colored walls.


Because the pose of your trophy matters, the Little Hooker allows complete customization both up and down and left and right. Remember, in taxidermy, the pose of the mount matters. It is all about what you want to say through the pose of your piece. The Little Hooker gives you the freedom to showcase your craftiness and also bring out the ferociousness and cleverness of the animal.

Size and Weight

This state-of-the art deer mount weighs only 0.6875 lbs, making it perfect even for walls made of light materials. The Little Hooker is designed specifically for smaller games. This mount can perfectly display a large-sized deer skull. You can also use the mount for other small trophy game species such as aoudad, black bear, hogs, alligator, and antelope. Even exotic medium game trophies like gazelles and impalas will look striking on the Little Hooker.

Installation Process

Unlike other mounts, it doesn’t take much effort to install the Little Hooker. It only takes three steps to finish the installation process. Before you start, prepare the recommended tools: Phillips screwdriver and a 3/8 inch wrench.

  1. The first step is to locate the stud and align it with the wall plate. Make sure that the screws are vertically mounted onto the wall. This is very important. You should see to it that the wall plate’s screw holes are not mounted at an angle. Use supplied dry wall anchors or screws mounted in studs.\
  2. Next, insert the lock washer included in the kit in between the prong and arm screw holes. Lightly tighten the screw and lock nut as you are inserting. See to it that the welded side of the prong faces down or is away from the wall plaque. Do not tighten it completely. Insert the prong of the arm into the back of the skull. Insert the middle arm into the larger hole and the side arms should rest within the small depressions which are on both sides of the larger hole.
  3. Lastly, insert the arm into the wall plaque’s canister to support the skull and arm. Decide on the angle of your trophy and finally fully tighten the screw and lock nut.

The Little Hooker’s arm swivels to each side so you can customize the angle of your trophy. You can choose an upright or a laid back look. Take advantage of the size of the trophy’s rack to give it a natural touch.

Remember to always prioritize safety as you are in the middle of the installation process. Always secure the prong into the skull. Ensure that the lock nut is very tight before you hang the skull on its own. Make sure that the location of the skull is not cut or damaged to ensure proper fit.

About Skull Hooker

Skull Hooker is brand to trust when it comes to European skull mounting. Their products are all professionally crafted brackets that can show off your trophy game animals in the most elegant yet realistic way. The company manufactures sturdy products that are quick and simple to install.

Skull Hooker came up with a unique mounting system that allows people to finish the installation process in less than an hour. It is an affordable alternative to professional mounting. Skull Hooker gave the hunters the chance to secure their displays on their own without breaking the bank.

Cleaning Your Kill

European skull mounts are the trend. Your huge 8-point buck will definitely look striking up on that wall on your Little Hooker if you know how to do it correctly.

Slow down on the excitement if you already have your kill. It takes a little bit of patience before you can turn it into a remarkable trophy. First, with a skill saw, make a clean cut on top of the deer’s head. Keep the head inside a bag and freeze until later.

When you’re ready, take a big boiling pot and place the head of the deer inside. The boiling pot should be tall enough. Change the pot if the deer’s nose is touching the bottom. Fill the pot with water until everything is covered except the horns. Make sure it only blows slowly to avoid causing damage to the skull and causing the deer’s teeth to fall off. Take as much time to ensure that the skull is thoroughly clean. Check the pot every 2 to 3 hours and scrape the meat off the skull every now and then. Refill the pot with water to replace water loss caused by evaporation. Again, always make sure the nose doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot and the horns are not covered.

With a water hose, use a wire brush to remove the remaining meat after boiling. Once only the skull and the horns remain, wear latex gloves, grab a toothbrush and coat the skull using 40-50 volume peroxide. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off. You can repeat the process until you achieve the color that you prefer.

Following all these directions and using a sturdy deer mount guarantees you a beautiful hunting memorabilia to add to your man cave or living room. Getting Skull Hooker’s Little Hooker doesn’t only display your trophy beautifully, but it also gives you the ultimate satisfaction of telling others that you did it all on your own. Happy hunting and mounting!